GDP Conclusions: history of world GDP and its side effects

Continued from GDP 7: the third threat – Environmental Choke


  • GDP increase does not necessarily mean that the income is equally distributed. A Pareto principle of 80:20 distribution of income is true for most societies.
  • With turning point in the 1950s, the dramatic GDP increase of the countries can be attributed to consumerism.
  • In a consumerist supply chain, you are the consumer and at the same time the worker too!
  • Right wing surge is obvious, but they have to choose the economic model wisely
  • Automation is not the answer; employment with guarantee for a minimum salary is!
  • Economic models should focus more on reducing the need for money than insisting to make more money i.e. to promote savings in a household, the costs can be cut rather than traditionally having the salary increased year by year. A sharing economy will automatically facilitate this than an economy focusing on increased ownership of products
  • A sudden stop of materials supply is a plausible scenario. Individuals can prepare by getting rid of their credits ASAP and increasing their savings. Governments can support only so many people and their reaction can be delayed.
  • Governments should practice and promote the sense of Co-existence with Nature and other species, rather than showing an outright “Domination”
  • Veganism may not be the answer, but meat consumption has to be regulated down to minimum.
  • Quality of life will be determining factor for the health of future generations: population increase, density and air emissions have to addressed with an attitude of applying an “Emergency brake”



Change begins from self!


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