Poetry #Farewell

For all my peers who are holding onto their seats

I know it’s hard to peel yourself out of the glue on it

But I always had a paper between my butt and seat

Thanks to that

Now I’m on the move with my wife

With everything packed in our gypsy car

Literally leaving so many good memories and everything familiar behind

We will come back sometime for the hangover

Now with every passing mile

The eyes feel a bit heavy

A lasting smile at the same time

Lost in thoughts over how good the past was

And nervous and curious of how the uncertainties in front of us will shape up

Now we are gypsies

A feel of relief

We managed to pull off a Change!

plainly looking at the white lines on where it will lead to

With a smile!

4 thoughts on “Poetry #Farewell

  1. Change is for the good. Definitely each place has a memory of it’s own. Cherish the good memories and move on. Good luck to both of you


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