Poetry #Life Hacks

Go to a hospital, live through the effort of the doctors to save a person’s life
You will know the value of living healthy

Be hungry for one day a week
You will at least mimimally understand the suffering of the underprivileged

Look from close on how others make money
You will find your own way which is better than theirs

Empathize with the person who needs you. Take that extra step to help them if you can
At the time you need someone, the least you will expect is an empathic listener

Try making one product end to end by yourselves. Like your t-shirt needs a farmer, harvester, weaver, dye-er, designer, packer and seller
You will learn to respect other person’s skills and will be more than willing to work along than envy or dominate

Be it anger, excitement or desperation, delay your impulsive decision or reaction by a day
You will know in most cases you wouldn’t have wanted to have reacted or decided the way you were triggered to be

A friend deserves a second chance
You will know that elseway there will be no friend left

Travel to four places – the most impoverished, most air polluted, a place with water crisis and a beautiful & resourceful place
You will want to reduce your footprint on the nature

Spend time with nature
You will realize that there is nothing healing as gentle wind brushing off your wound

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