About me: I’m Ramesh. Indian expat living in Germany near Heidelberg. Bred in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu for almost 20 years, I moved to Germany for studies in 2009. Masters and later the engineering field kept me hooked here. I like travelling and met my wife on a travel. I got married to her in a mix of cultures wedding in 2017. She is from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Writing started with travels too.  I’m exploring different topics or writing formats currently. One such attempt is this blog.

About the blog: I opened a blog to publish interesting short stories which are a few pages long or a 10 minute read for you. Whether it happened in my life or it’s a hearsay, my stories will focus on entertainment. I try to insert humour wherever possible. Although Indian chili flavour or more precisely sambhar can be smelled all over, my blog might also have one or two things to provoke your thoughts. I will try to make your time worthwhile. Whether you like the posts or not, please show your excitement/ anger/ feedback in the comments section. I’m interested in people’s stories. Thereby I will be more than happy to know if something relevant to the post topics happened in your life too. I will look forward for your comments. Thanks for visiting