Poetry {Ode to the Alps}

“T2!” He said

“And a lesser stretch of T3”, he said

Of the highest hiking difficulty level of T6

For reference, T4 and upwards meant

You are at your own risk!

T2 climbs till Bogartenlücke*

T3 leads from there to Marwees

We had a basic hiking shoe

So began the climb from Wasserauen at 870m

Forty minutes till the beginning of T2

Now standing at its base

Looking at what loomed in front of us, I asked him

“Are you sure this is what you wanted to climb?”


That pointy rock in the middle at the top of this picture is Bogartenlücke at 1700m*

He said “Let’s go!”

“Ok! One step at a time!”

Halfway through he said ‘’May be I should have read a bit more about T2’’

Feet were sore

Sweat was pouring

Yet, the higher we went,

The altitudes higher up seemed to whisper a promise

“Come closer, there is something worthy”

Step after step

Even if small steps

Let’s not go down

Let’s maintain a pace

All motivation, just until two steps later

“I said, panting, you know?”

“You should be thankful to have me as your friend”

“I would have been drinking beer at home”

“Petting my tummy”

“And binge watching Netflix”

“Yet here I am!”

“Dying with you for blindly accepting your invitation!”

He smiled

And panted!

Step after step

Just looking at the next step

Grabbing the rocks, holding to the grass

Bells clanged!

“Wait! How did the cows get up here?!”

“Hello! Blondie Moo!”

Step after step

May be we should turn around and look below

What the mother f*cking Nature!

The promises started to appear!

Let’s sit for a moment and take in the sight!


Step after step

Bogartenlücke* was just there

In sight!

Just a few more

“Hurrah!” Set foot in the pass

Just about three meters in width

A look to the back was a vast landscape

Standing on Earth High up!

A look to the front was a plunge down

To the holy see depths of the Alps!

Truly arrested by Nature!


But then we had another small stretch of T3 remaining

A fellow hiker lady said hello

“Which route are you guys taking?”

“T2 to this gap and then T3 to Marwees”

She lifted her chin in doubt

“What you guys did so far was T3”

“That path over there is Marwees”

Jaw drop


Do you notice people climbing on this picture? Notice the vertical zigzag T4 paths

“Are you guys free of height giddiness?”

“Just watch out”

“It’s a T4!!”

I turned my face slow towards him

He was already in shock looking at the pathway up

So steep!

He said “I’m going home’

“Let’s conquer it some other time”

“Ok, but let’s go on a different route down”

The pathway down the plunge side!

He did not look happy

At least it’s a T3 still

Steps down the depths

He felt like “Man vs. Wild”

He balanced a foot to the rock, clinched a bunch of grass

And slowly moved his other foot down

Later he confessed

“I was mumbling la la la to prevent dying thoughts”

Then a 60 year old lady jogged past him

It was still a marked route, but with gravel

The lady slipped a couple of times

But balanced quick and whooshed past him

While he was sticking like a whining lizard to the rock

These fit first worlders, did give him some motivation!

In the valley down 40 minutes later

Pleasant wind

The whole outing was a nice escape

What is hiking?

It’s just another way to be with nature!

An Indian would understand

Bells clanging

Felt like in a temple!

At the same time, wondering

How did the cows get up here!


I thank him for the invitation

Through this ode

Get ready, my friend

Next time!

It’s a T4!

“Lücke is a gap or a pass

Poetry #Life Hacks

Go to a hospital, live through the effort of the doctors to save a person’s life
You will know the value of living healthy

Be hungry for one day a week
You will at least mimimally understand the suffering of the underprivileged

Look from close on how others make money
You will find your own way which is better than theirs

Empathize with the person who needs you. Take that extra step to help them if you can
At the time you need someone, the least you will expect is an empathic listener

Try making one product end to end by yourselves. Like your t-shirt needs a farmer, harvester, weaver, dye-er, designer, packer and seller
You will learn to respect other person’s skills and will be more than willing to work along than envy or dominate

Be it anger, excitement or desperation, delay your impulsive decision or reaction by a day
You will know in most cases you wouldn’t have wanted to have reacted or decided the way you were triggered to be

A friend deserves a second chance
You will know that elseway there will be no friend left

Travel to four places – the most impoverished, most air polluted, a place with water crisis and a beautiful & resourceful place
You will want to reduce your footprint on the nature

Spend time with nature
You will realize that there is nothing healing as gentle wind brushing off your wound

Poetry @ the Baltic sea

Nothing like a vacation at a sea
Like a four step laundry program for the soul
Cleaning it inside out

Dip in the water
Step. 1. The wave foam soaks in the stress
Step. 2. The sea sand and stones scrub it off

Lie on the beach
Step. 3. The gentle breeze dries and cleanses
Step. 4. The blazing sun reinforces the soul

s(T)umble along the shore
Feel the new you
With no thoughts
Just hovering along as the sea gull flying beside you

Poetry #Farewell

For all my peers who are holding onto their seats

I know it’s hard to peel yourself out of the glue on it

But I always had a paper between my butt and seat

Thanks to that

Now I’m on the move with my wife

With everything packed in our gypsy car

Literally leaving so many good memories and everything familiar behind

We will come back sometime for the hangover

Now with every passing mile

The eyes feel a bit heavy

A lasting smile at the same time

Lost in thoughts over how good the past was

And nervous and curious of how the uncertainties in front of us will shape up

Now we are gypsies

A feel of relief

We managed to pull off a Change!

plainly looking at the white lines on where it will lead to

With a smile!

Poetry ~ Inspiration while going through random Couchsurfing profiles

Seeing world through your eyes
Your experience is mine
You catch an Octopus, I feel it in my hands
You stand in a rainbow, I feel colourful

All the four sentences above are four different people
Just as representatives
Reality is the experience of billions
All the experience transits through me
All those transits through you too!

I want to touch the Octopus too
I want to stand in a rainbow too
I want to touch a two year old Tiger too
I want to climb the Everest too

Imagine if you are an octopus and a billion hands wanting to touch you
A tonne litter below the rainbow
A 200 metre long queue on the Everest
How much can nature and other species handle our untamed wishes!

Let it better be
Your experience is mine! I feel you!